• Justjeulin

    Based on a true story.

    Right now I'm just going to write the events that everybody goes through. 

    • At the bloodbath, Dylan breaks Atom's nose for a basket of bread.
    • Later in the day, he is attacked by Ren, but manages to escape.
    • That night, Dylan teams up with Wuher, Cod4 and Luna, as they sleep in shifts. 
    • Dylan leaves the group early in the day and walks around, not knowing that Reed is stalking him. 
    • Dylan climbs high up in a tree and sleeps there.
    • The next day, Dylan teams up with Rylie, Cod4 and Kane and they raid Jeulin's camp, stealing his supplies. 
    • Dylan sneaks away from the group and finds Ren, Cod10k and Bane. They tell ghost stories until they all fall asleep. 
    • Dylan leaves the group, stealing some of their supplies, when he wakes up. He…

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  • Justjeulin

    Best Story

    March 7, 2015 by Justjeulin

    I have no idea what this story's about i'm just going to write whatever seems natural

    Dylan enters his house to find Price on his couch.

    Dylan: Price what are you doing you fucking pleb.

    Price: I'm playing five nights at freddy's

    Dylan: Wow this sounds like a good game.

    Atom enters the house

    Atom: Yo homies wat up 

    Price and Dylan: Hello friend

    Price: Oh no I lost

    Dylan: You fucking pleb

    Price: Top kek

    Blarth enters the house

    Blarth: Hey guys!

    Price Dylan Atom: BLARTH OH MY GOD HIIII

    Blarth: Hey guys! I re-built my robot

    Price: Wait we hate this guy

    Dylan: Why

    HK-52: Hello Master's friends! I am HK-52 and this is Blarth, my master!

    Dylan: Oh yeah


    Jeulin: Fucking fuckity hello


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  • MandoSithJMS95

    Act 1: Scene 1.

    -The Film Opens with "Kane Wrathblaze" Dropping "Gashon Cansaker" off at his Home in Mexico-

    Gashon: Well home Crappy Home.

    Kane: Yep.

    -the Camera cuts to a wall Mounted Mailbox on the Left Side of the Door falling off-

    Gashon: Well...Bye.

    Kane: See Ya.

    -Kane drives off-

    -Gashon Then Walks inside His Home, turns on the TV to Season 3 episode 7 of MTV's Ridiculousness, then sits down-

    Rob Dyrdek: Welcome MTV's Ridiculousness I'm Rob Dyrdek with always Steelo Brim & Chanel West.

    Gashon: Seen it.

    -Changes Channel-

    News Reporter: as you can see Behind Me is a Huge Fire from a Helicopter that was Shot down Earlier today.

    -turns tv off-

    Gashon: boy am I in some deep Shit.

    -a knock is heard-

    -Gashon opens the door-

    LexiTano: hi i'm your New Neighb…

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