Characters Edit

  • Sarah Wolf
  • Dylan
  • Quinlan Hovertracker
  • Elizabeth Fire
  • Daniel Greenpulser
  • Zeon Laser
  • Rellius Khaar

Story Edit

Classic Star Wars Villain Introduction Edit

The Jedi Meet the Mercenary Edit

Greenpulser's Worries/Another Conflict Discovered Edit

Zeon Interrogates the Prisoner Edit

The Heroes Find Their Next Lead Edit

Lightsaber Duel: Sarah and Quinlan vs. The Lost Apprentice Edit

Flashback: Rellius & Elizabeth/Long Hike to the Spaceport Edit

The Slave Auction/Nebula Prepares Edit

Falling Into a Battle/Quinlan's Goodbye Edit

The Trip Home/Finishing the Mission Edit

The Invasion of Nebula Town/The Apprentice's Return Edit

Birth of the Pure Clan/Sarah's Promise Edit


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