• Dylan T. Best
  • Price Rocks, 245th
  • Gustavo Jeulin
  • Admiral Atom (Multiple D)
  • The Reedman
  • Boba Bactapack tha Mando God
  • Gashon Cansaker, the Walking Contradiction
  • Oreo Cakestir
  • Rylie Tano (she has tits)
  • Raiden, the leader of the imaginary Night Ravens
  • Kantor (he also has tits)
  • Kahar "Ram it" Zamet the CWAC mod
  • Kane the GOAT
  • Lyssa
  • Commander Bladez
  • Xeres Gorogdrive
  • True Slender Man (Slander)


  • JayJayJohnson
  • Crit

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