Based on a true story.

HG 1

Right now I'm just going to write the events that everybody goes through. 


  • At the bloodbath, Dylan breaks Atom's nose for a basket of bread.
  • Later in the day, he is attacked by Ren, but manages to escape.
  • That night, Dylan teams up with Wuher, Cod4 and Luna, as they sleep in shifts. 
  • Dylan leaves the group early in the day and walks around, not knowing that Reed is stalking him. 
  • Dylan climbs high up in a tree and sleeps there.
  • The next day, Dylan teams up with Rylie, Cod4 and Kane and they raid Jeulin's camp, stealing his supplies. 
  • Dylan sneaks away from the group and finds Ren, Cod10k and Bane. They tell ghost stories until they all fall asleep. 
  • Dylan leaves the group, stealing some of their supplies, when he wakes up. He walks around the arena and finds Lyssa, who he kills. 
  • A massive hurricane occurs, but Dylan survives. 
  • Dylan teams up with Price that night. 
  • The two part ways the next morning and Dylan chases Cod4. 
  • Unable to find Cod4, Dylan teams up with Price, Ren and Law to find Rylie and Cod4.
  • Dylan uses an explosive to kill Rylie. The rest of the group abandons him except Law, who Dylan watches die due to an infection. 
  • Dylan tries to treat his own infection that night.
  • Dylan kills Price the next morning and wins the Hunger Games.


  • At the bloodbath, Price and Reed fight over a bag. Price manages to win the fight and runs away. 
  • Price then later finds Kahar, who he kills. 
  • Price finds Kane, Atom, Bane and Fishy. They team up and set a camp that night. 
  • Price slips away from the group when he wakes up and walks around the arena, only to find a small cave.
  • Price finds Law and Kane. They team up and sleep in the cave. 
  • Price sleeps in the cave, and wakes up that night to find Law and Kane, as well as his supplies, gone. 
  • Price tries to treat his infection that night.
  • In the morning, Price goes hunting to practice his archery. 
  • Price survives a massive hurricane. 
  • Price and Dylan team up that night.
  • The two part ways the next morning and Price finds Rylie, but does not kill her. 
  • Price teams up with Dylan, Ren and Law to find Rylie and Cod4.
  • After seeing Dylan blow up Rylie, Price runs away and goes hunting.
  • That night, Price finds Ren and kills him.
  • In the morning, Price is killed by Dylan. 


  • At the start of the game, Gashon accidentaly falls into a frozen lake and drowns. 


  • At the start of the game, Kahar and Rylie fight over a bag. Kahar wins the fight and runs away.
  • Kahar is found and killed by Price. 


  • At the bloodbath, Kane finds a bow, some arrows, and a quiver.
  • Kane finds Rylie and lets her escape.
  • Kane teams up with Fishy, Atom, Bane and Price that night. 
  • Kane leaves the group and wanders around, and is caught by Law. The two fight and Law wins, but Kane's life is spared.
  • Later that day, Kane finds Law and Price again. They team up that night. 
  • Kane leaves Price and Law and finds Rylie, Cod4, and Dylan. They raid Jeulin's camp and steal some of his supplies.
  • Kane leaves the group and finds Law's new hideout. He destroys Law's supplies and quietly slips away. 
  • Kane finds Ren early the next day, but spares his life. 
  • A hurricane occurs, Kane is killed by the falling debris. 


  • At the bloodbath, Jeulin climbs to the top of the cornucopia and scouts the area. 
  • Later, when things are calm, Jeulin grabs the remaining supplies and explores the arena.
  • Daniel and Jeulin run into each other and form a truce for the night. 
  • Daniel and Jeulin part ways in the morning, and Jeulin continues exploring.
  • Jeulin finds a small cave with bats and sleeps there for the night. 
  • Jeulin goes hunting, and returns to his batcave to find his supplies stolen.
  • Jeulin teams up with Lyssa, Atom, Cod4 and Reed for the night. 
  • The next day, Reed and Jeulin fight after the group disbands. However, Reed spares Jeulin's life.
  • A hurriane occurs, Jeulin is killed by the falling debris. 


  • At the bloodbath, Cod4 runs inside the conrucopia and hides. 
  • Later, Cod4 chases Law down. 
  • Cod4 loses track of Law, but teams up with Luna, Dylan and Wuher that night.
  • The group disband and Cod4 spends the next day hunting.
  • After being injured by a splinter, Cod4 screams in pain during the night.
  • Cod4 teams up with Rylie, Dylan and Kane. They raid Jeulin's camp and steal some of his supplies. Cod4 heals his injury. 
  • Cod4 then finds a new group: Reed, Lyssa, Jeulin and Atom. They stay together for the night.
  • Cod4 and Atom stick together in the morning and they team-up with Law. 
  • A hurricane causes the group to split up. Cod4 manages to survive. 
  • Cod4 finds a small area to rest that night. He sees a fire, but stays hidden.
  • Cod4 wakes up the next day and wonders around. He is later chased by Dylan.
  • Cod4 manages to escape Dylan, and finds Rylie, who he persuades to kill him. 


  • At the bloodbath, Cod10K and Oreo form an alliance, getting fishing equipment. 
  • Cod10K and Oreo get seperated. 
  • Cod10K walks around the arena that night, searching for other tributes. 
  • Cod10K is ambushed in the morning by Jay, but he spares her life. 
  • Cod10K finds a place to hide that night. 
  • Cod10K spends the next day making a wooden spear. 
  • Cod10K teams up with Ren, Dylan and Bane that night. 
  • The next day, the group part ways. Cod10K manages to recieve medical supplies from a sponser. 
  • A hurricane occurs, falling debris kills Cod10K.


  • At the bloodbath, Cod10K and Oreo form an alliance, getting fishing equipment.
  • Oreo and Cod10K are seperated, and Oreo finds a spot to fish. 
  • Oreo finds Lyssa and they decide to team-up for the night.
  • Oreo leaves Lyssa in the morning and finds Wuher, who kills him.


  • At the bloodbath, Daniel rips a mace out of Bane's bare hands and runs away.
  • Daniel collects some fruit. 
  • Daniel and Jeulin run into each other at night and team-up.
  • Daniel wakes up to find Jeulin gone. Later in the day, Daniel finds Atom and they team-up. 
  • Daniel commits suicide. 


  • Wuher gains a first aid kit at the bloodbath then runs away.
  • Wuher injures himself, but manages to quickly heal the wound.
  • Wuher teams up with Luna, Dylan and Cod4 for the night. 
  • Wuher leaves the others in the morning. Later, he finds Oreo, and kills him.
  • Wuher returns to the cornucopia and camps there for the night. 
  • Wuher is killed in his sleep by Wuher. 


  • Fishy runs away from the bloodbath.
  • Fishy finds an area to sleep and sleeps there for the entire day. 
  • At the night, Fishy teams up with Kane, Bane, Atom and Price. 
  • Fishy dies in the morning trying to escape the arena. 


  • At the bloodbath, Atom's nose is broken by Dylan. 
  • Not really thinking straight, Atom stalks Reed.
  • Atom finds Fishy, Kane, Bane and Price and teams up with them for the night. His nose is treated.
  • In the morning, Atom finds the others gone. He walks around and finds Daniel, and they work together for the day. 
  • Atom watches Daniel commits suicide and stays awake all night in shock.
  • Atom practices his archery in the morning, hunting. 
  • Atom finds Jeulin, Cod4, Reed and Lyssa and they stick together for the rest of the day. 
  • In the morning, Atom finds everybody gone except him and Cod4. They agree to stick together and find Law, who joins their group. 
  • A hurricane occurs, splitting the group. Atom gets lost but finds Jay, who tries to save Atom, but both end up being sucked into the hurricane. 


  • Lyssa hides inside the cornucopia at the start of the game.
  • When things calm down, Lyssa grabs a bag and canteen then runs away.
  • Lyssa searches for a water source to fill up her empty canteen. 
  • Lyssa finds Oreo at a small lake. The two team-up for the night. 
  • The next day, Lyssa leaves Oreo and walks around. She injures herself. 
  • Lyssa becomes ill due to the contaminated water. 
  • Lyssa finds a small cave and sets camp there. 
  • Lyssa teams up with Atom, Jeulin, Reed and Cod4 and they stay at the cave for the rest of the day. 
  • At dawn the next day, Lyssa quickly leaves the group and takes some supplies before they can wake up. 
  • Lyssa is killed by Dylan. 


  • Law and Jay team-up at the bloodbath.
  • Jay ditches Law when Cod4 starts chasing him.
  • Escaping Cod4, Law finds a small area to camp out for the night. 
  • In the morning, Law attacks Kane, but spares his life. 
  • Later in the day, Law, Kane and Price team-up.
  • The next day, Law slips away from the group and searches for fruit.
  • Law finds a new place to camp out for the night, but wakes up to find his fruit destroyed.
  • Law teams-up with Cod4 and Atom and they search the arena. 
  • A hurricane occurs, splitting up the group. Law finds Knight, and kills him. 
  • Surviving the hurricane, Law finds a place to sleep for the night. 
  • Law stays at the place for the entire next day. 
  • Law teams up with Price, Ren and Dylan. 
  • Law dies from an infection later in the day.


  • At the bloodbath, Luna grabs a mace from Fishy's bare hands.
  • Luna scouts out the arena.
  • Luna teams-up with Wuher, Dylan and Cod4 for the night.
  • Luna leaves the group and stalks Jeulin.
  • Luna steals some of Jay's supplies during the night.
  • The next day, Luna practices her archery.
  • Luna dies from an infection that night. 


  • At the bloodbath, Ren grabs a bag of explosives. 
  • Ren attacks Dylan, but Dylan manages to escape.
  • Ren searches for other tributes at night, but does not find anyone.
  • The next day, Ren is pricked by several thorns while trying to grab some berries.
  • Ren mends his wounds at night.
  • At dawn, Ren attacks Knight, but spares his life.
  • Ren teams-up with Cod10k, Dylan and Bane that night.
  • Ren wakes up to find his group gone. Feeling suicidal, he finds Kane, who he begs to kill him. Kane instead runs away.
  • A hurricane occurs. Ren stabs Bane and throws him into the hurricane.
  • Ren uses the wreckage to make a small camp for the night.
  • Ren sleeps for the entire day.
  • Ren is found by Price, Law and Dylan. They agree to take down Cod4 and Rylie as a group with Ren's explosives. 
  • After Cod4 and Rylie die, Ren hides in the bushes. 
  • Ren finds Price, who kills him. 


  • At the bloodbath, Ben gets a canteen filled with water.
  • Ben dies from hypothermia. 

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