Act 1: Scene 1.

-The Film Opens with "Kane Wrathblaze" Dropping "Gashon Cansaker" off at his Home in Mexico-

Gashon: Well home Crappy Home.

Kane: Yep.

-the Camera cuts to a wall Mounted Mailbox on the Left Side of the Door falling off-

Gashon: Well...Bye.

Kane: See Ya.

-Kane drives off-

-Gashon Then Walks inside His Home, turns on the TV to Season 3 episode 7 of MTV's Ridiculousness, then sits down-

Rob Dyrdek: Welcome MTV's Ridiculousness I'm Rob Dyrdek with always Steelo Brim & Chanel West.

Gashon: Seen it.

-Changes Channel-

News Reporter: as you can see Behind Me is a Huge Fire from a Helicopter that was Shot down Earlier today.

-turns tv off-

Gashon: boy am I in some deep Shit.

-a knock is heard-

-Gashon opens the door-

LexiTano: hi i'm your New Neighbor.

-gash looking completely surprised-  

Gashon: Oh Really?

LexiTano: Yeah...we're gonna Be great Neighbors.

-in an angred tone-

Gashon: I Hate Neighbors.

-gashon is getting irritated-

LexiTano: i Am a Stripper.

-Gashon is both completly suprised, and angered-

Gashon: Get off My Property.

-shuts door-

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